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Connect with Baltic Sea Future

Network with the researchers

At Baltic Sea Future you will meet some of the best and most knowledgeable researchers – to learn about the latest insights, exchange thoughts and get qualified advice on how to solve your local challenges.

– I hope this two-day meeting in Stockholm can help to share best practices, motivate more people to get started and help to establish contacts that will facilitate future work, says Sofia Wikström, marine ecologist at Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre.
During the congress she will present new findings, stressing the importance of having sustainable management of marine and coastal ecosystems – and how to get there.

– There are already several successful examples of how to work with the local marine and coastal zone management as a way to develop the region and create jobs while at the same time contributing to a better marine environment, she says.

Sharing experiences, knowledge and visions across national and sectoral boundaries will be central during the two-day meeting in Stockholm, connecting science to local policymaking and business.

– It is important that the general facts and problem descriptions are put forward, and that policy makers and other actors around the Baltic Sea realize that we must act on the same playing field towards the same goal to secure the marine ecosystem, says Gustaf Almqvist, marine ecologist at Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre, and expert in fisheries policy.

His presentation at Baltic Sea Future will focus on today’s fisheries in the Baltic Sea.
– I will provide a number of examples of how the marine ecosystem as a whole could be better included in both fisheries management and in practice, he says.

Between the sessions the researchers will be available in the exhibition area, ready to meet you, share their knowledge and discuss solutions.