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About the conference

The Baltic Sea Future – Innovation, visions and leadership for a sustainable Baltic Sea

The environmental and societal challenges in the Baltic Sea region are numerous and the work for a sustainable development needs to speed up immediately. The potential to turn these challenges into opportunities are great and studies suggest that 900,000 jobs could be created in the region by 2030. But what practical measures need to be addressed in order for us to take care of, and benefit from, the Baltic Sea in a responsible way?

Welcome to a new platform for innovative ideas, partnerships and financial solutions where local leadership is in focus!

With 1500 municipalities surrounding the Baltic Sea, local politicians and officials play the key role for environmental action. But knowledge and resources to address these issues are insufficient. This is why the Baltic Sea Future congress connect mayors and civil servants with researchers and the business sector.

Baltic Sea Future provides the opportunity for you to:

  • Share experiences with important stakeholders and international colleagues
  • Meet green investors and sustainable financing solutions
  • Learn from successful implementation cases in Finland, Poland and Sweden
  • Find innovative tools and technical solutions for environmental management
  • Get updated on the latest Baltic Sea environmental health research

Our vision is to increase the number of municipalities actively working towards a sustainable, prospering and internationally competitive Baltic Sea region. What is yours?


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