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Briggen Tre Kronor

Exhibition on tour – on a magnificent sailing ship

The sailing ship Tre Kronor is a well-known sight in the harbors of the Baltic Sea. The ship tours the region, promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability. The brig Tre Kronor is gold sponsor to the Baltic Sea Future Congress

Tre Kronor first set sails in 2008. The project was a joint effort involving several stakeholders, and the ship was built in Stockholm by professional shipbuilders, students and volunteers. The design is partly based on the construction drawings for a Swedish naval ship from 1857.

The ship Tre Kronor is, together with Searoom, gold sponsor of this year’s Baltic Sea Future Congress.

Symbol for the sustainability work
“Tre Kronor has turned into a symbol for the sustainability work in the Baltic Sea. We visit around 20 harbors in different countries every year and our vision matches perfectly with the Baltic Sea Future Congress”, Anders Mannesten, CEO at Tre Kronor says.

He emphasizes the need to work together.

”Collaboration is key when addressing the complex environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea. Nine nations are united by the Baltic Sea, and we have to work together. I think we are seeing substantial progress in the sustainability work”.

Increasing interest
Anders Mannesten has an optimistic outlook on the future of the Baltic Sea.

“We have noticed an increasing interest in sustainability issues when we are on tour. This is particularly obvious among young people”, he says.

Tre Kronor will have a new exhibition partner this summer; Searoom an exhibition about the Baltic Sea and sustainability touring the country on wheels in a large trailer.

“This is a great combination, we can reach more people and cities that are further from the coast can be visited too”, Anders Mannesten says.