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Top speakers – urgent issues and solutions

Flooding and eutrophication are some of the alarming risks associated with climate change effects in the Baltic Sea. Renowned experts will guide you through the most urgent issues – and share solutions from across the region.
Environment one of many distinguished speakers at Baltic Sea Future.

This year’s Baltic Sea Future congress focuses on climate change and its effects on the region and the sea. Learn more about mitigation and adaptation, innovation and financial tools to fund measures. Marmar Nekoro, Head of program and partnerships, points out that the agenda is planned around the most urgent issues.

The program covers policies, research and measures – and focuses on good examples and solutions to inspire action.
-We offer a platform where policy makers, researchers and innovators meet and interact to create a sustainable future and help save the Baltic Sea, Marmar Nekoro says.

The speakers list includes leading climate researchers such as Kevin Andersson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and holder of the Zennström Climate Leadership Professorship at Uppsala University and Kevin Noone, Professor of Chemical Meteorology at Stockholm University.

The Swedish Minister of Environment one of many distinguished speakers at Baltic Sea Future
On Friday the 9th of March, the Swedish Minister of Environment, Karolina Skog, will enter the main stage to talk about urban climate change adaption in the Baltic Sea region. She will be joined by the director at The Environmental and Health Administration in the City of Stockholm, Gunnar Söderholm; the president of Euroregion Baltic, Akko Karlsson and Pär Holmgren from Länsförsäkringar.

From their respective perspectives and long experiences of transnational cooperation and leadership, they will share their insights on the couplings between climate, water, the Baltic Sea and reaching the UN Agenda 2030 in the Baltic Sea region.

Important pieces of legislation regarding the environment, agreements regarding urban development and actions to save the Baltic Sea are responsibilities of the Minister of Environment. In the Swedish Government, the seat is currently taken by Karolina Skog, former Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the City Planning Committee in the Municipality of Malmö.

“During my time as Minister of Environment I will work to achieve tangible green results in the neighborhoods. Living cities, close proximity to nature and a healthier everyday life – with less toxics and more clever solutions – are my priorities”, says Karolina Skog on the Swedish Governments website.

Don´t miss out on this unique chance to learn firsthand about the latest findings, legislation and measures and to personally interact and address key decision makers!