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Baltic Sea Future

The overall theme for Baltic Sea Future 2018 is climate

The overall theme for 2018 is effects from climate change. This topic includes effects on the Baltic Sea ecosystem, climate adaptation at the local or regional level and innovation related to the area.

Baltic Sea Future provides a platform where stakeholders can share best practices. The local level is crucial for a healthy Baltic Sea. Meet researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss a long-term sustainable collaboration for the Baltic Sea.

Do you want to know more about climate scenarios for the sea?  SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, is an expert agency under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and one of the resources providing climate scenarios

Do you want to live more “Baltic Sea Friendly”? The Baltic Sea Sustainable Seas Foundation has a checklist to help.

Here are some examples of the hands-on pieces of advice:

  • Do not throw plastics in the sea or anywhere else in the environment.
  • Paint the hull of your boat with paint that is approved for the Baltic Sea
  • Choose MSC labelled fish
  • Take a closer look at the chemicals you are using, are they all necessary?
  • Buy eco-labelled clothing