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Monika Stankiewicz

Monika Stankiewiecz, HELCOM

Monika Stankiewicz, Secretary General, HELCOM, is one of the speakers at Baltic Sea Future 2018.

HELCOM is inter-governmental organization of the nine Baltic Sea countries and the EU and our mission is to reach a sea in a good environmental status and ensure sustainable use of its resources. One of the most important duties of HELCOM is to make Recommendations on measures to address certain areas of concern or pollution sources. These Recommendations are to be implemented by the Contracting Parties. HELCOM nowadays works with a wide scope of sectors and themes for a healthier Baltic Sea: species and habitats, fisheries, agriculture, industrial releases, wastewater, marine litter, shipping, response to spills, marine protected areas, monitoring, assessment and social and economic analysis, and maritime spatial planning.