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Share best pratice Baltic Sea Future ©Oskar Kihlborg

Collaborate for new solutions and share best practices

The local level is crucial for a sustainable future. Join representatives from other municipalities and regions in the Baltic Sea region. Discuss and share best practices - create new partnerships, find new costumers and business and discuss new project ideas.

The Baltic Sea ecosystem and those 85 million people who live around it are facing major challenges, particularly when excessive nutrients, environmental toxins and other land-based pollutants find their way into the water. When combined with climate change, overfishing, and loss of habitats and biodiversity, the risk of losing important ecosystem services increase substantially.

Collaborate for a sustainable future for the Baltic Sea. Some of the representatives you will meet at this year’s Baltic Sea Future Congress are:

  • 44 Polish cities, participate in a project aimed at adapting them to the observed and prognosed climate changes. The project, 44mpa, will present at Baltic Sea Future.
  • Meit Fohlin is mayor of the Gotland Region, an island in the Baltic Sea. In the early 1990s, the municipality started the work to turn the island into a sustainable and fossil free society by 2025. Meit Fohlin present their visions and leadership during Baltic Sea Future.
  • The city of Stockholm is one of the founders of the Baltic Sea Future congress.Karin Wanngård,mayor of Stockholm city, will inaugurate Baltic Sea Future 8 March


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